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Killer presentation. Very insightful observation on the competitive landscape. You got us charged.

Need more time from you, here in the East Coast.  Morale is low. We really need face time with our leader.

Everyone might be saying yay, but they are thinking nay.  How can you tell? Give it a week and measure the results?

You seemed unprepared, in the review meeting.  Looks like every time, you opened your mouth, it was, to change feet.  This is not typical of you.

Have an agenda, with a clear outcome. If not, its just a drain on everyone's time.

Why are we training, high priced consultants. I sat next to one, and could hear the ocean:) No, seriously, they are adding zero value.

Love the way, you dealt with the weekend escalation. You unified an otherwise disparate / desperate team of decision makers:) Kudos!!

We're upseting a lot of customers with empty promises. We need to revist our messaging, and see how we can win back their trust.

If you're going to steal my lunch, i'm going to have to insist that you at least bring back the tupperware.

Need direction on Project Keystone. Unclear if this is still a priority. Mixed messages has the teams, spinning.

Did you know that the QA guys have worked 8 weekends straight. They are burning out.

Jack on your Team is a pain! Totally unprofessional. Several of us have reached out to him directly. Not getting through

Are you aware of what's happening on the Support side. Cases are up three fold after the recent release. Look into it.

Fabulous job on the marketing plan. Crisp and clear. Refreshing to see a new way of thinking. Don’t let the detractors sway you

You've been here more than 30 days. Many of us don’t know what you do and what your priorities are. Reach out!

Product is not ready to ship. Install and see for yourself. It will be a disaster if we release it in this state

Great job being vocal on the budget call. You are doing the right thing. Our burn is way too high.

I think you went a little too far at the after party with the client team. This is the second time. Just saying...

Refill the coffee pot. PLEASE refill the coffee pot.

You need to take more credit for the recent deal closure. This is a big win for us, and people don’t realize you were key in making this happen.

John on your team is simply fabulous. Not sure if you realize how instrumental he was to getting this deal done. Don't ignore the man behind the curtain.

Got to say, you are super bright! It would do you justice to take more care of how you present yourself

Your questions were pointless in Jody's staff. It took away from the priority which was making a decision on the hiring plan

Just heard that project Banzai is going to be canned. I'm surprised you are not in the loop

Being candid is great, but you were way too brutal. Instead of the team walking away with your message, what came through was just anger.

I'm super impressed at your progress in the last 30 days. You've really taken the feedback to heart. Remarkable! Keep it up.

The All Hands meeting did not hit home. Speakers were boring. No key take aways!

Respect other people's time. You call meetings and are consistently late.

I see your passion. But sometimes it just comes across as emotion. Stay more aware.

Not sure if you are aware, but your office doesn’t smell great.

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What business are we really in?

Are we providing features that users don’t care about and don’t want to pay for?

Are we still relevant? What do you think we are missing?

Who has already solved what we are trying to do?

What skill set do we need on our team?

What is our key differentiator, that we are not stressing enough?

If we were to start this all over again, and “buy versus build”, whom would we consider?

Of all your peers, who has grown the most in the last 6 months? Why?

What assumption are we making that if false, would be a huge blow?

As we think about this new release, what do you see as our biggest risk?

What qualities do you appreciate most about our organization?

What worries you most about our organization?

What one thing would help you be more effective at getting this project done?

Of all the people you have enjoyed working for, what was that quality that you appreciated the most?

What question do you believe that I should be asking?

What do you think is our biggest opportunity in the next 12 months?

If we weren’t already doing it this way, how would we start?

What can I do differently to help you?

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