What is inXed?

inXed is an app that lets you communicate with your coworkers. Designed for the workplace and designed for mobile.

You can ASK questions and get HONEST answers. It’s super easy to use. It’s instant. It’s non-biased.

It’s based on the premise; that you truly value your coworker’s input. This leads to making better decisions. We’re passionate about a culture based on openness and honesty. The focus is on the "message" and not the "messenger". Better ideas surface and people are more productive and happy.

How does it work?

It’s as simple as it sounds. When you ask a question your identity is always known. Your coworkers know who you are. When they respond their identity is protected. This removes the bias and the focus is on the message.

What question formats do you support?

Why does inXed ask for my work email when I register?

We use your work email to verify that you do work, where you say you do. We will NOT use your work email for anything other than:

  1. Verification.
  2. Password reset incase you forget your password.

Who can I communicate with?

You can communicate only with your coworkers.

Do you send them my message via email?

No we don’t. All communication is contained within the inXed app.

What if they are not an inXed user?

Don’t worry. We’ll send them an email, letting them know that they have a message waiting for them. They will have to install the App to view and respond to your question.

Can I send a coworker feedback if they have not asked me for it?

No. You can only respond to a request that’s been sent to you.

Does my employer endorse inXed and more importantly, can they see my posts?

When you ask a question only the people you send the question to, can see it. All responses are private. inXed is managed on the cloud. Again, we only use your email to verify where you work.

Does inXed look at feedback?

No. Check out, our  Terms and Service and Privacy policy

How does inXed deal with inappropriate content?

InXed’s EULA is clear that objectionable content, including pornography, may not be uploaded or transmitted through the app. Users must agree to the terms of the EULA, and users who violate the terms will have their accounts revoked. InXed does NOT support any form of user-generated content other than text. Users cannot upload or transmit images, video, audio, or any kind of file attachments.

Is there an age restriction to use this app?

You have to be 18, or over.